2 hours WOW picnic for 2 person, themed decor, wooden picnic table, rugs, cushions/pillows (for  ground level sitting), plates, glasses, cutlery, cloth napkins, fresh flowers, picnic basket, blanket, string lights (at night) or boho style umbrella (optionally), bottled water, speaker, sanitizer, set up, packing + cleaning/sanitation.

    If there are more than two people, we charge +$35 for each additional person. We can serve up to 10 people using two tables.                                                                                          If you want to extend your time, it can also be done +$50 one extra hour.

    We do our best to be “green”! We reuse, use eco-friendly sources and local produce whenever possible.


    You can choose from different items to add to your picnic. Click here for a full list of available Add-Ons. You can add items such as extend time, photosession, charcuterie board, and much more.


    We can deliver to your home (indoor or outdoor setup), your private hotel room, and beaches. If the location is far from where we live, additional fees may apply.

    Please note, from the parking lot to the venue of the party should not be more than 40 yards.

    Please note, all parks and beaches in Los Angeles are public, and depending on day and time there might be people around and we cannot control it.


    Bohemian style embraces a relaxed and airy aesthetic while maintaining the spirit of Bohemian design. It offers a softer approach to the unconventional and eclectic elements that make Boho style so distinctive and charming.

Light Mint

    This style draws inspiration from the color mint, which evokes a sense of tranquility, freshness, and natural beauty.

Ruby Romantic

    This style combines the rich elegance of ruby hues with romantic and luxurious elements to create a captivating and passionate ambiance in a space. This style draws inspiration from the deep red tones of rubies, which symbolize love, passion, and strength.


Style is a delightful choice, perfect for girly get-togethers and girls’ day out. This charming theme features a palette of soft pinks, creating an atmosphere of elegance and fun. From blush-hued pillows to delicate floral arrangements, the Pink style sets the stage for a memorable gathering of friends and laughter. passion, and strength.

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