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Pick a Location

    We do picnics in park, at the beach, at your home, wherever possible.                                            Also, you can choose one of our secret locations. Some of them are characterized by their privacy, some of them are cool with their stunning views, and others are great for company and children. Select one of ours or suggest yours. 

Click here to learn more about Locations

Choose a Style

    Select your color, which better fits to you. Whether you embrace the free-spirited allure of Bohemian, the passionate allure of Ruby Romantic, or the soothing charm of Light Mint, each picnic style offers a unique visual feast that enhances the joy of outdoor dining.

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Add some Add-ons

    To make your picnic fuller and brighter, you can choose any add-ons services to the standard picnic package. Such as food, flowers, Polaroid, musician end etc. If you are allergic to any products, you can tell us about it and we will replace those products with others. 

Click here, to see all Add-ons.                            

Then complete a booking form and you are in 🙂


We respond to the form and all messages within 24 hours of you submitting them

If you wish to leave early, please give us 30 minutes notice by phone or text. You are responsible for all picnic items until we return and pack up. As a precaution and to avoid any incidents, do not leave picnic equipment unattended.

In the event of damage or loss of rental items, please notify us first.

Customers are financially responsible for all losses and/or damages to the rented property, up to the actual cost of replacing each missing or damaged item at cost.

No. We arrive 50 minutes before your reservation time to set up your equipment, leave from the picnic area, and return when your reservation time is up.

You don’t have to clean up after yourself. We will set up and clean up for you.

We accept payment by Zelle and PayPal (PayPal payments require at +3% charge)

Any Questions?

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